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Expect a Miracle!

      I am currently reading Bruce Wilkinson’s book. You were Born for This.  In it Wilkinson, the author of The Prayer of Jabez, contends that we were born “to live a supernatural life doing God’s work by God’s power.  You were born to walk out your door each morning believing that God will use you to deliver a necessary miracle.”

     Wilkinson supports his claim with numerous stories of miraculous encounters, both in his life and others’ lives.  The stories are inspirational and support his theory that when we “purposely ask God to send us to do his work on earth, we take on a completely different role in our day.  We are now people sent from God, His delivery agents.”

     While I have not historically prayed this prayer every day, I do ask the Lord to do his work through me many mornings and generally Wilkinson’s theory proves true.  Unfortunately though, there are times when I miss the God nudge to make a phone call or to talk to someone in my path.  A little over a week ago, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to give one of my church friends a call to see how she was doing.  I had never received that message about her before and had every intention of calling her, but never did it.  A few days later, I found out from someone else at church that her family was indeed going through a hard time and did not want anyone to know so no one was allowed to call.  God was trying to tell me this prior to my receiving this information and if I had listened to the Holy Spirit, I would have innocently called to check on her.  Now I was blocked!  I think part of the prayer should also be “Lord send us to do your work here on earth and create an urgency to act when we are called.”

     God’s word says in 2 Corinthians 5:20, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”  We are God’s representatives on Earth!  In his book, Wilkinson warns us that our God assignment may not always be what we expect or the person we would like to help.  Wilkinson says “you prepare for the inevitable collision between your preferences and God’s by yielding your rights in advance.  That way He can deliver a miracle through you to anyone at any time.”

     I have a conservative friend who says she has learned not to judge anyone by their appearance anymore.  Her own son, in a rock band, now has died hair, body piercings and tattoos.  At one time, she might have looked down on someone else who looked like this but now sees the heart because she knows the heart of her son.  Recently, she says she received an opportunity to reach out to a young store clerk, complete with body piercings and tattoos, showing her the love of Christ.

     So, are we ready to be a part of a daily miracle from God?  Try praying daily for a week to be used in this way and see what happens!

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