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A Reality Check

May the glory of the LORD endure forever; may the LORD rejoice in his works—he who looks at the earth, and it trembles, who touches the mountains, and they smoke. (Psalm 104:31–32)

Today, I am reflecting on the greatness of the LORD.

He showed up in a mighty and powerful way at the 2018 Level-Up Women’s Conference Saturday. Women entered the conference broken-hearted and emotionally depleted, and through our team of speakers, God provided some tools for them to overcome. By observing their countenance, I believe the women left much lighter than when they arrived.

Not only was it our goal to level-up our sisters’ faith walk, but to also level God up. I am confident we accomplished that goal, as we all felt His presence in the sanctuary. Many of us were overcome with emotion during our time of worship.

But last night at a church global ministry dinner, I was reminded that this conference of nearly eighty women was just a speck on God’s intricate and massive map of influence. He is at work in and through people all over the world.

I met servants of God traveling the globe to speak in the schools about anti-bullying, there were numerous evangelists from Israel seated in the room, and there were missionaries who serve in foreign countries. Many of them face opposition daily and risk their lives to serve the Lord.

In this setting, I was no longer the keynote speaker; I was the behind-the-scenes woman who prayed for these global partners of the church. When it was time to introduce myself to the group, I didn’t even want to stand up because I was in awe of how the others were serving the kingdom. I felt what I was doing was insignificant. It was a good dose of humility and a reminder that I am no more than a sinner saved by grace. As the Apostle Paul said, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst” (1 Timothy 1:15).

In our Christian journeys, it is important to tap into God’s bigger picture to guard against slipping into pride. He is using millions to do His work. We should learn from Christ’s example. During Jesus’s time on Earth, even though He was God’s Son, He became a servant and “he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on the cross!”

Today, let’s take a reality check and thank God for using us in any capacity. It is an honor and a privilege to be his servant.

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