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God Provides for the Call

     I am thankful this holiday season for God’s provision.  Through my husband, he provides a home for our family, food on the table and a full, rewarding life.  I am also thankful for His supernatural provision, after the call I clearly heard from Him over the summer.  As I near the end of the call and look back, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, God’s presence was with me, helping me to complete what originally looked like an impossible task.

     Over the summer, women’s ministry leaders at our church were deciding which Bible study to offer the women of our church on Wednesday mornings.  Beth Moore’s “So Long Insecurity” kept presenting itself to me but I was hesitant to go with that particular study in the fall because it did not have an accompanying video.  I thought it would be a better summer study, but the interest in doing it grew and at some point in the decision process, I clearly heard, “You do it!”  I knew what “You do it” meant.  It meant putting together eleven lectures for the study and presenting them live each week prior to the small group discussion.  God is very specific when he calls you to a task.

     I was resistant at first, and asked someone else to split the load.  I wasn’t sure I could come up with eleven lectures on insecurity and putting them together in a short period of time seemed ominous.  The person I asked told me plainly, “I can help, but I really think you are supposed to do it.”  When the three other Bible study decision makers unanimously agreed I was supposed to write and present the lectures, I agreed to take this on.  I confess, I don’t always go willingly when God calls me.  I am like Moses most of the time, making up excuses as to why I cannot proceed with a project.

    However,  it is my experience with calls from God, that He almost always asks you to do something you could never accomplish by yourself.  He wants us to give Him the glory when he supernaturally completes the task through us.  Seminary was such a call for me.  I knew God was with me throughout the five-year process,  providing what I needed to finish my Master’s in Theological studies in 2008.  The verse that comes to mind is 1Thessalonians 5:24:  “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.” Now, as I wrap up the writing of the eleventh lecture on insecurity, I realize he did it again!  He provided the topics for the lectures and the words.  He provided two amazing women who edited the material every week and he provided nine individuals to give their personal testimonies on insecurity at each Bible study.  He provided a gifted young woman to meet with me weekly to go over the PowerPoint presentation so she could run the slides.  He provided talented small group leaders.  He had a plan and was faithful to do it!

    I love being a part of something much larger than myself.  I love being used by God in this way and each time, when the project is completed, I plead with the Lord to do it again.  “Please do it again!”  I am always repentant that I did not go willingly at first, but so happy that I eventually answered the call.  I want to make a difference for the kingdom, don’t you?

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