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He Knows Me! By Dr. Lynnette Simm

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” (Jeremiah 1:5)

He knows me!

Before my body was created. He KNEW me. Not my size, hair color, eyes, scars, metabolism, health issues, disease, anything with me physically; HE KNEW ME.

He knew the heart and soul of me. The essences that makes me unique, special, different, and worthy.

HE KNEW ME. The life I’d lead, the sins, the glory, the abuse, the pain, the glory, the love.

HE KNEW ME before I was born and HE SET ME APART. Before anyone else knew me, hurt me, abused me, helped me or loved me, HE SET ME APART.

Before I was conscious to Him or realized sin, before I hurt others, hurt myself, before I experienced life, understood abuse, pain, love, and forgiveness, HE SET ME APART.

As I realized the path I was on, before I learned devotion, determination, perseverance, motivation, grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, about His sacrifice, HE SET ME APART.

I had no idea who I would be, but He did and SET ME APART FOR HIM.

He knew me and set me apart for HIMSELF. For His kingdom, and His glory. He knew me and WANTED ME! Me. Knowing all I would do, say or think—He picked me. Knowing all the sins, hurt, pain, lies, failures—HE CHOSE ME.

HE CHOSE ME for His purpose. HE CHOSE ME to share Him with others in a way ONLY I COULD. Because He knew all I would experience and all I would become. He knew all the ways I would glorify Him and all the ways I would fail Him, HE CHOSE ME to represent Him. To tell other of His greatness. Of His love. Of His healing. Of His forgiveness. Of His sacrifice. HE CHOSE ME to share with all nations the wonders and greatness of his love because HE KNOWS YOU TOO.

You. All of you, before you knew you. He set you apart. HE CHOSE YOU. Because HE KNOWS YOU.

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