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Hot Rollers

I just rediscovered hot rollers.  Upon the invention of the curling iron, then the flat iron, I stored away my hot rollers because the new technology seemed more efficient.  Lately, however, the flat iron seems to fry my hair more than flatten, while the large hot rollers amazingly smooth my frizzy locks.

So when packing for the beach, where my hair takes no commands, I thought the hot rollers might tame the unruly beast on my head. At the last minute I threw them in my suitcase.

Our trip to the beach spanned over six hours but once we arrived at our rental house, it took me less than five minutes to realize I made an unwise decision.  As I stood breathing in the salt air with the coastal wind whipping my hair from one side to the other, I wondered what I was thinking when I packed my hot rollers!  As the dampness in the air enlarged my mop, a.k.a. hairdo, to three times its normal size, I realized not even a hot roller could correct the damage.

While my hair was officially out of control, the scene gave me a greater appreciation of the only one who has control over nature.  In Luke 8:22-25 Jesus’ disciples feared drowning because of a severe storm rocking their boat on the lake. A sleeping Jesus, onboard through the raging storm, woke up just in time to rebuke the wind and the crashing waves, calming the weather.  The relieved disciples asked one another, “Who is this?  He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”

Maybe your issue is a bit more serious than a rocky boat ride or a bad hair day.  You’ve tamed it temporarily; but a gust of trouble blew in and now you feel out of control again.  Instead of drowning in fear and anxiety, learn from the disciples and remember Christ has the power to calm the situation if you ask Him.  

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