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How Fasting Benefits Us

Loaf of bread

I love bread.

In fact, I judge a restaurant by its bread. The eating establishment gets extra points for bread with a spread, like olive oil or butter and honey.

That’s why “bread” is what I gave up when our church asked us to fast from something at the start of the year. It’s a sign to God that I am willing to forego something I adore to show my heavenly Father that I adore Him more. It’s a small sacrifice to demonstrate to God that this year belongs to Him and I desire His direction. Every time I see a basket of bread on the table, my small sacrifice points to a much larger sacrifice, Jesus’ body broken for me.


But it’s just like the enemy of our souls to try to throw us off track. This week I was at an event that served a pasta dish. You can’t eat pasta without delicious garlic bread, right? The bread on the buffet line became larger than life. I heard, “What would one piece hurt?” For a split second, I agreed, then thought about the guilt I’d feel if I broke this commitment. I didn’t let the Devil win. I left the buffet table, sans bread.

Maybe today, God is asking if you’ll give something up for Him as a sign of where He stands in your life.


A bad habit?

Those internet games?

Sugary sweets?

God still loves it when we intentionally place Him ahead of the world. Romans 12:1 says, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

When we fast, we’re worshipping our Maker, and it is often an activation button for God.

  • Moses received the Ten Commandments while fasting.
  • Esther saved her people through a fast.
  • Nehemiah was locked into his job, but fasting freed him to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

Matthew 6:18 clearly says God will reward us when we fast.

So why don’t we fast more?

As my word is “new” this year, I am hoping to make fasting more of a discipline in my life. Will you join me? (LBW)




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  • Gerry Wieding

    Hi Lisa, Well you are doing it again. Making me go further in my commitment. I was cutting back on bread and sweets starting in January. I am doing this and am feeling better and I have lost 4 lbs and keeping it off . I would like to lose about 10 more lbs.and feel better. So I will see how I do next week if I have lost anymore.. 🙂 I am also doing therapy at home on my own, I have old sheets from past therapy to get strength and help my whole body. So I am doing that every day since 1st of year. I am starting slow, letting God lead me on which I need to do.TWriting down a schedule for me is really helping me too for me stay focus and I am staying on things I need to do. This morning during devotions, It came to me to ask God to Bless my schedule and for Him to guide me to do His schedule. What does He want me to do ? I don’t always do everything on my list but I just put it on the nexzt day. I do eventually do it. …But, Anyway I can do better. Thank you for the scriptures. I am not making a comittment to God, it is only to myself. So I will change that.By doing this everyday I think I will have more of a success in making my commitment stick. Don’t you think? Do you have any other suggestions that I need to do. ………………………………………………Also, because of health issues, I had to sleep in my recliner for some time. With medicine changes, procedures, doing my part and God’s wonderful powerful healing I am sleeping in my bed. It is working and I am sleeping much better and longer times. Last night I slept 5 hrs straight, went to bathroom and went back to sleep for about 2 1/2 more. Praise God!! I need to be patient and keep trying to accomplish it . So again Praise God! So again trusting God to take care of things and guiding me. God is so faithful!! …………… Anyway, thank you again for your daily Gems from God to us. May God continue to Bless you and your family and as well as your ministry. I am excited seeing all God is doing in your ministry to help and Bless God’s people, whomever He brings in your path. ……….. Love and prayers, Gerry

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