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I Almost Gave Up by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

The day is finally here.

About six months ago we took a leap of faith and planned a conference in my hometown, San Antonio, a city I don’t live in anymore. One-by-one, the speakers came to me so I asked the Lord, “Is this something you want me to do?” I felt like God gave me a green light.

So our Pearls of Promise team started planning the Level-Up San Antonio Conference, open to both men and women, not knowing where it would go or how many it would attract. 

It wasn’t always easy. I often felt out-out-of-control because I did not live near the event city, and couldn’t knock on doors myself to tell people about the conference. I almost cancelled it several times. I’d never called off a conference before—there’s shame in that— but I give my husband, Jeff, credit for steering me back to the path. He’d ask, “Do you feel called to do this event?” I’d tell him yes. Then he’d say, “What are you worried about?”

So if he wasn’t concerned about the red in the ledger, then I would try to keep my eye on the goal, not the obstacles. Have you ever had to do that?

There are so many benefits of taking a leap of faith. Here are a few:

It draws you closer to God. It makes you depend even more on God because you know you cannot do it on your own. We did everything in our own strength to get people there. Our Social Media expert, Aurora Ortega Geis, created compelling posts to catch people’s attention. We also sent emails, landed some radio interviews, and visited leaders of San Antonio-based ministries, but ultimately, it’s God who draws the hearts of men and women.

It brings you closer to people. I’ve made some new friends through this process, like speakers Bella Cruz and Ruben Torres, both from San Antonio. This week, our Pearls of Promise team got together and put the conference folders together. There is nothing quite like serving together in this way. We were chatting about life, the conference, and laughing, I love our Pearls girls! I also reconnected with San Antonio ministry friends like Duke Jonietz, who I used to work with in marketplace ministry. He’s now the co-owner of a San Antonio-based Christian magazine called The Beacon. Duke was so kind to us, placing our event on the back cover of The Beacon, and running an article I wrote on fatherlessness.

It is an opportunity to be used by God in other lives. Ultimately, this is why we go through all the hoops of putting a conference on like this. We want to see God heal people from past wounds. We want to be used as conduits to give attendees some tools to be stronger in their daily journey. We desire to facilitate a closer relationship between them and our heavenly Father.

We don’t have hundreds attending like we envisioned, but we do have the amount of people God foresaw when He planted the idea in my brain. He knows that this type of conference must be intimate in order for Him to work powerfully in the lives of those who attend.

I am glad I didn’t give up.  The enemy of our souls will do everything to discourage us when we move forward in a calling of God. Stand firm in the call. Don’t waver despite how it looks on the outside. These calls sometimes require walking on the water as we move forward in faith.

Today, I am expectant that we will experience the glory of the Lord at Oak Hills Church-Alamo Ranch. I know this conference will exceed expectations because it’s been prayed over for months. More of you, Lord. Less of me. I hand the reins of the Level-Up San Antonio Conference over to you—and thanks for asking me to serve you in this way. It has been an honor and a privilege.

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  • Noemi

    Excellent conference with great speakers. Each speaker spoke to me personally as it related to character traits, or strongholds that I continue to deal with. Great job Lisa to you and your team. To God be the glory!

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