Is What We Do Newsworthy? By Lisa Burkhardt Worley | Pearls of Promise

Is What We Do Newsworthy? By Lisa Burkhardt Worley

I was speaking with a national radio show host about Pearls of Promise yesterday who was considering doing a story about our ministry, but he needed a news hook.

I thought, Is what we do newsworthy? 

Pearls of Promise is all about helping people heal emotionally through Christ’s strength, so I decided to look up statistics about emotional illness. I found that almost one-half of all people will struggle with some form of mental illness in their lifetime ( This could take the form of depression, anxiety, fear, panic, or extreme insecurity. I believe all of these are byproducts of a period of dysfunction in a person’s life.

If that many people need a little extra help, wouldn’t what we do be considered newsworthy? Wouldn’t someone who overcomes a past wound be a good headline? 

Read all about it. Woman Set Free From Life-long Battle with Father Wounds.

Extra. Extra. Forty-Year-Old Woman Increases Self-Esteem by 50%. 

On October 5th in Lewisville, Texas, we will be hosting the Level-Up Conference to provide some tools, love and support to women who are ready to heal from past emotional pain.

It will be a time of beautiful worship with top inspirational country singer, Mary James.

And wisdom from former Women of Faith great, Thelma Wells, who will talk about how to find the light when we’re in a dark place.

Popular Christian film actress, Jenn Gotzon Chandler has a heart to build women’s self-esteem up, so she will be presenting a message on “Divine Beauty.”

I will attempt to counteract some of the lies we’ve believed about ourselves, lies like “I’m not beautiful” and “I don’t have value.”

Prayer author, Sharon Hill will share about the importance of “Expectant Prayer.”

And Ministry Leader, Liz Morris will speak about how we can press into “Transformational Change.”

God does not desire for us to live in defeat each day. It is His heart to heal us when we are emotionally distraught. Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” However, sometimes we have to physically plant ourselves in a place where we are flooded with His truth.

One sitting.

One saturation.

One separation from the outside world.

I hope you will join us this year at Northview Baptist Church in Lewisville, October 5th. If you read this blog today, I am going to give you a special offer of 50% off your tickets to Level Up. Just use the promo code: Levelup50. To make it easy, here’s the link:

Every year lives are transformed at Level-Up. If it doesn’t make news on Earth, I know it’s a top story in Heaven.

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