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Leveling God Up

“You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you” (Psalm 118:28).


It was only a few weeks before the Level-Up Conference and I was worried. The numbers weren’t where I anticipated and there was still a lot to do. In Moses-like fashion I asked God, “Are you sure you called me to do this?” I knew the answer but I just wanted my heavenly Father to pat me on the back and say it would be okay.


With our marketing card in front of me, I prayed on my knees for our Level-Up team. Protect them from harm. Speak through them. Keep them well, Lord. It was then that I heard,

“When are you going to level me up?”

The thought came from left field so I knew God was speaking.

I had been focused on the team, and the people attending but forgot the main thing.

This event was about glorifying God and exalted Him through the program. I repented immediately and changed my prayer and my focus.

How can we lift You up through this conference, Lord? What is the best way to make Your name great?

This message from God was a turning point in many ways. First, through His adjustment, God confirmed the Level-Up Conference was His directive. I never doubted His call again. Once we placed the emphasis of the conference where it needed to be, a flurry of registrations came in and God placed His holy stamp on the event.

heart with cross

As I look back on Saturday’s conference, I am in awe of my heavenly Father’s work.

I am thankful to Him for giving me an amazing woman of God to partner with on this project.

I am grateful for how he provided a specific message to every speaker, and how he anointed each singer or musician.


When our décor volunteer encountered a family emergency, days before the event, another friend stepped in to decorate the tables. What a blessing she is!

I am thankful for a sister in Christ who traveled from San Antonio to serve on the prayer team because she believed in what we were doing.

I only know a few stories but I am praising God for how he worked in women’s lives on Saturday.


I am grateful for the Lord’s leading to the perfect venue and for the church employees’ spirit of hospitality while we were there.

Please forgive me for doubting your call, Lord.

Please forgive me when I don’t place you at the center of my life.

Thank you for gently redirecting my path when I stray off your path.

Before this conference even happened, God was already whispering information about the next event in my ear. I tried to block out the details. Not now. I have to get through this one!


Today I say, “Yes, Lord. I am ready Lord. When and how? And most importantly, show me how to appropriately level You up.”




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