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Looking for Light in the Darkness by Martha Leeper


Our guest blogger today is Martha Leeper. Martha is a retired stewardess/flight attendant that became an accidental artist.

She often dreamed of painting so on her journey of retirement she took a painting class at the community college within walking distance from her house and there she began this journey at 65 years of age.  In the beginning she painted from photos; however the last two years she ventured into the art world of abstract.

Martha begins a painting with color in mind and the inspiration comes through her. Her hope is that her paintings will speak to the inspiration in you and take you to special place in your heart that brings you peace and joy.

Martha is the mother of one daughter and a grandmother to three grandsons. She lives in Farmers Branch, TX with her husband Will, who is the biggest fan of her art.  

Martha Leeper art

It begins with a thought, turns into a feeling and results in an action, so says the experts who study the brain.  As I am aware of the loss of life in so many disasters and human tragedy going on around me, near me and and miles away from me.  I tried to put those feelings of darkness away and used the colors in this painting to take my thoughts to a place of awe.  Looking up to the wonder of this planet created by the master artist God…….there is always light.

Just how in the world can I be light or even see the light seemingly overshadowed by so much darkness………….

Then ever so unexpected the canvas reveals the faces, the figure of one looking into the dark and seeing light.

Listening to Whitney Houston on youtube……I Look to You…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pze_mdbOK8. took over my thoughts and reminded me to look to the only thing that is everlasting my faith and relationship with God.  The beautiful talented Whitney you still inspire me with your voice.  Thankful that I still have eyes that can see the light and ears that can hear the music.

Take care of your thoughts and let them be full of grace, love and hope sending them out to others who have lost their way, grieving so much loss and broken hearts that knock the breathe out of their lungs…….

Clinging to the gratitude of the light within and seeking to be more light on this journey as I walk more in giving instead of thoughts of wanting……. even thoughts of trying to understand…….for that shall most likely never be here in the physical…….yet the spirit brings light through the small and big cracks….

I challenge us all …..Do not miss it.

Blessed I am yet still knowing that it does not mean all is well in this world…..only well with my soul…….may it be so with you…….

Thinking about those who are suffering unbearable loss and sending them love…..


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  • Sarah Uyeshima

    Beautiful Martha! So proud of you for stepping out and letting the Lord speak through you as you sharie your gift of art and words.

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