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More than a Believer

I just started reading the book not a fan by Kyle Idelman.  In it, he asks the question,“Have you made a decision for Jesus or have you committed to Jesus?”

I was one of those who made a decision for Jesus as a freshman in high school, but after I hit college, my faith took a back seat to my quest for popularity, extracurricular activities and eventually to my intense focus on a television sportscasting career.

It wasn’t until I experienced a dramatic setback in my profession, many years later, that I began to revisit my faith.  In the same week, I was not renewed on a national television sports reporting contract as well as my regional cable network anchoring position in New York City.  I went from six figures to zero, overnight.

For six months, I asked God, “Why me?” I also started attending church again, got involved in a Bible study for the first time and began to spend quiet time with God.  It was in the silence that the Lord answered my questions because at long last, I was listening.

He told me he’d given me an incredible platform to speak about him but I did not use it.  The career travesty was the only way to get my attention because I was headed at high speed in the wrong direction and needed to make a u-turn!

It was at that point I promised God that if he’d give me another chance, I would not only dedicate my career to him, I would surrender my life to him.  I became more than a believer; I was committed to Jesus.

The next week I received a call from a national sports network, asking if I was available to do some free-lance reporting, not a coincidence, and I ‘ve been riding what I call the “God wave” ever since.

The Lord graciously gave me six more years in television and once I left broadcasting, he led me to seminary and full-time ministry, not part of my plans when I first set out on my career path.  Kyle Idelman referred to it as Jesus interfering with our lives.  My only regret is that I didn’t ask Jesus to interfere with my life sooner.

What does believing mean to you?  Does it include following Christ? If you’re ready to make a commitment, ask God to show you what that looks life in your world.  Surrender your desires for his and wait to see how he works!


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