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Mothers Mothering Moms by Dr. Lynnette Simm

When my mother couldn’t help me heal from abuse, she sought help. She looked for a woman who could see my pain and reach into my heart and help me heal. For the love of her child, my mother humbled herself and let another mother, mother me. This woman became my Godmother. That’s the name I gave her because I knew God sent her to help save me. She poured out her patience, her talents, and her love and continues to this day. 

God sends us women to love on us in remarkable ways. Sometimes these women are our own mothers, aunts, or grandmothers; yet, other times these women are sisters, friends, mentors, or women of wisdom. Whatever their title is in your life, they are God-sent. “What was your mother? A lioness! Among lions she couched, among young lions she reared her cubs.” Ezekiel 19:2 

True motherhood requires strength beyond what we think possible, patience beyond what we have, and love beyond measure. Sometimes this mothering comes from our own moms, and other times from those the Lord sends; regardless, know that loving on one another is what Jesus calls us to do. I have had the honor of having many moms. Each one bringing knowledge, wisdom, and love so unique that my life couldn’t be as blessed as it is without each and every one of them. As I reflect on this past Mother’s Day I want to thank all those women who mothered this mother until I became the mom I am today. 

Finally, I want to thank the two amazing women, my daughters, who have loved me each and every day. All the blue days, exhausted days, and overwhelmed days were made bearable because of your smiles and hugs. Thank you for loving on me. 
MacKenzie and Alexandra you two are my heart, my blessing, and my greatest gifts from God. I LOVE being YOUR mom!

Have you had “other mothers?” Have you been the “other mother” to someone who needed your help and love?

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