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No, Not Again!

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“La, la, la, la.” I put my fingers in my ears. In Moses-like fashion, maybe if I sing loud enough, the call of God to put on another conference will go away.

Every couple of years the Lord gives me a vision for either a women’s conference or retreat. I always resist because I know the amount of work that goes into a project of this size. I wish I’d get to the point where I accept God’s invitation rather than run, but it’s always the same scenario. I ask, “Are you sure, Lord?” I wait for the multiple confirmations, then move forward.

Jesus Hand

What I don’t remember initially is “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).


He put together the program for the “Level-Up” Conference months in advance.

He provided the venue.

And he will bring the people (even though I always worry about that).


These are trying times in our country and God is calling his people to “level-up” their faith. Through the October 7th event, we want to help women “Level-up” their Prayer Life, “Level-up” their Relationship with God, and “Level-down” the Mountains in their Lives.


Our theme verse is Isaiah 45:2: “I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.”

I remember my seminary Evangelism professor saying, “Through prayer you can literally tear down the walls of Hell in someone’s life.” I don’t think we understand the power that we have in Christ. Day before yesterday, I prayed with a dear friend concerning her marriage, on life support. We prayed against the spirit of addiction. We prayed for God to turn her husband’s heart of stone into a heart of flesh. We prayed for the family to be unified. In less than twenty-four hours, the situation made a dramatic turn into the right direction. I believe it was because of our heart-felt prayer. We leveled a mountain!

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I am not going to beg you to come to the Level-Up Conference, but I do want you to ask God about attending. The Level-Up team is bathing this event in prayer. I know the Lord called myself and Sharon Hill of “On Call Prayer Ministry” to organize it so he will be present with us. I believe it will be life-changing and that is what I desire for you.

From the heart of God through our prophetic team member, Wendy Torres: “God is calling women who are about to bring life on the earth and give birth to their dreams and answered prayers.”

If our heavenly Father tells you to join us, there’s a link to sign up right here on the Pearls of Promise website or you can type this into your browser: We’ve kept the price as low as we can, $49, to make it affordable. We don’t want money to prevent you from attending. If that is still a problem, let me know.

Thelma Wells

Come join Thelma Wells, Sharon Hill, Kathy Green, Suellen Roberts, Sandra Wakefield, Renee Rollins, Holly Berry, Jayne Carter, Rosemary Legrand, Donna Skell, Liz Morris, Joan Higley, Marta Greenman, Wendy Torres and myself as we learn how to take one more step closer to God and “level-up” our relationship with him.


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    • lbworley


      Thank you so much for catching this mistake! Yes, It is Isaiah 45:2. I don’t know why I typed “Psalm” 45:2. I must have been studying in Psalms that morning. There is a Psalm (107:16) that does say the same thing. I appreciate you! Blessings, Lisa

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