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Overloading Your Plate by Dr. Lynnette Simm

My husband just told me: “You’re an expert in being a mile wide with busyness.”

This was my weekend…

Friday morning I went to the gym, worked on homework, met with a printing company for work, drove my daughter to a doctor appointment for a college physical, then I was finally home for dinner so I could pack. Saturday I ran a 5k race, waited on the AC repair guys to fix our system, and then drove five hours to a conference with my husband. What was supposed to be a weekend away turned into a visit with my college-attending daughter, scouring to find a new apartment for her, and meeting with speakers for an upcoming conference. At the same time I was working out the loan paperwork for a new house, organizing movers, cleaners, painters, and running to the bank for the closing. And last but not least, having to ask the Lord to speak through me as I write this blog. Phew!

This seems to be my life right now—there are so many people needing so many things. I’m in the season of having one college daughter and one high school senior daughter. Add on a move and work and you have a recipe for an overwhelmed lady. It’s important for people, both men and women, to realize that life come at us in seasons that have a natural cycle. For me, the cycle is filled with change.

But what is a blessing during this season is to center myself every day with moments where I stop to talk with my heavenly Father. I ask Him to give us clarity for my college daughter and to reassure her that we are here to come alongside her as she struggles with what is next. I ask for the Lord to watch over my high school daughter as she navigates her first solo drive. I thank Jesus for my sister who is staying with my daughter while I’m away and for also managing a walk-through of the new home. I thanks God for my husband and his patience with me as I try to juggle everything on my plate.

When we take time to give thanks to the Lord and ask Him to reassure us, for patience, for clarity and to watch over us, He creates a calm that allows us to get done what needs to be done that day. One disclaimer. It’s not always what I want to get done, but I know what is done in the day is His plan and not mine. I am also encouraged that this overloaded schedule shall pass. Nothing in this temporary world lasts, so kids will finish school, moves will be done, each task for work or home will be completed. This allows me to take a deep breath and know that God has all my days planned. His plans are for my good.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In the days, weeks, or years when life is near or beyond chaos, look to the Lord and breathe. He will give you peace in the midst of the busyness.

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