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Remember the Angels on Labor Day

     This past week I presented two messages that shed light on the work of angels in God’s kingdom.   On this Labor Day, we recognize all of the hard work that goes on in our country, but I think we should also make note of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, the work of God in our lives, administered through angels.
In our world, God uses angels to minister to us, to protect us and to fight our battles for us.  While we should never worship angels, God and Christ alone are to be worshipped; we rarely recognize the work of angels in our personal worlds.

     In the messages I presented last week, I shared many true-life stories about angel experiences that either happened to our family, or to others we know, but no story was more amazing than what Dr. Larry Lehr experienced, a professor at Baylor University.   Dr. Lehr was on an ecological expedition in Belize with 15 students.  The area of Belize Dr. Lehr and the students were working in did not have any electricity or running water, so they all had to bathe in a river near a waterfall.  Dr. Lehr warned the students to not venture too close to the falls, or a current my carry them over, so to insure their safety, Dr. Lehr remained the closest to the falls to prevent any students from wandering into the current.  While he was guarding the area, a shampoo bottle floated by, so Dr. Lehr tried to grab it.  At that point, a current swept him away and took him over the falls.  After two minutes underwater, Dr. Lehr began to think he would not make it.  He thought about who his son’s wife might be one day, what his grandchildren might be like, then prayed that God would take care of his family if he didn’t make it.  He also asked God that if it was in his plan to save him, “would he please do it NOW!”  At that point, Dr. Lehr says he felt a huge hand come underneath him.  It lifted him up and placed him on the bank of the river.  He has no explanation for it, except that an angel saved him that day in Belize.  In Dr. Lehr’s case, an angel was his protector.

     So, on this Labor Day, let’s thank God for his work and the work of his Angels.  My guess is they are not taking the day off.

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