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The Danger of Asking for Favor

Christine Caine

“Our favor is for God’s purpose, not for status.” Christine Caine

As I listened to well-known author, speaker and warrior against human sex trafficking, Christine Caine yesterday, I chewed on her words about “calling,” especially the part about pride.


Coming out of a media background I’ve struggled with the “P” word. You know one of the things God says he hates. “The LORD detests all the proud of heart” (Proverbs 16:5).

In those twenty years of television, it was all about promoting yourself because you wanted people to watch your sportscast. Bad research and low ratings didn’t usually result in a renewed contract.

heart with cross

But ministry is different. It’s not about me. It’s about God.

So, when is it too much publicizing about an event?

Am I posting too many photos of myself?

What does it look like to promote the One who deserves promotion?

worm 2

Caine also said, “Humility is not making yourself out to be a worm. We know we are not able. He is great.”

But I feel that I did start out as a worm-like creature. The lowest of lowest. Fatherless with a mentally ill mother. Poor in a wealthy environment and ostracized because of those circumstances. Downright ugly. Overweight with coke bottle thick eyeglasses. Only God could lift me out of that pit and I am eternally grateful.

But I’ve still had to get to a point where I am content with where the Lord has led me in ministry work.

Are you content with where he has you right now?

I used to want to be like well known speaker and Bible study author Beth Moore, reaching millions. “Give me favor, Lord.” But who was that prayer about? Me or God? Praying for favor can be dangerous with the wrong motives.


Instead, the Lord has me consistently speaking to a hundred or less. A more intimate group. I have found there is more emotional healing in smaller numbers.

The prayer needs to be: “Lord, enable me to best exalt you.”

I also had to come to the point with my book manuscript about the fatherless (The Only Father I Ever Knew) that this is not about being a best-selling Christian author. It is a book for God, about God and dedicated to God.  It’s not about me. Before this book could be finished there had to be a heart change. When I ask for favor, it’s about helping as many people as possible to overcome their father wounds and know the perfect Father. It’s not about making the Best Seller List.

So where do you stand on all this? Do you struggle with pride?

Do you find yourself focused more inward than outward? Sometimes dwelling on our problems can be prideful as well.

Ask God to clean out any prideful ways in you. Realize that your calling is about Him, not about status. Then walk confidently in who He created you to be.

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  • Mary Ann Moore

    Lisa, such truth here. I continue to learn less is more. My prayer has changed over the yearsfrom give me more to do;; to more oh you Jesus, less of me. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Thank you for always being transparent and writing what needs to be said! Love you

    • lbworley

      Thanks for your words, Mary Ann! You are one of the most humble people I know. Thank you for your beautiful example of glorifying Jesus through your speaking.

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