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The Eight Most Profound Truths We Have Learned by Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley

#7 We’re Stronger Together
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

Our church is in the season where they ask for volunteers to step up. You know that time. The late summer leading to fall season brings lots of activities, so everyone is asking for help: schools, sports, PTA, and churches. What I found inspiring about this year’s branding of volunteerism was their use of the phrase, “Grab a Corner.” Their explanation of this new motto was that we are all the foundation of the church, but we don’t need to do it all alone. If everyone just gets one corner then the might of one is multiplied and a stronger foundation is formed. Wow, this really hit home for me.

I want to share something very personal that I struggle with—depression. Yes, I know it can be an over-used catch-all mental illnesses word, but it really does exist. Depression can be situational and/or chemical. I am a doctor, but not medical or psychiatric, so I won’t say more than that; but for me it’s a bit of both.

Other tidbits about me is that my gifts include mercy, compassion, and encouragement.

I say all this to explain that when life and my chemistry is all working perfectly, I’m a rockstar wife, mother, sister, friend, coworker, etc. But there are days or weeks when my days turn blue—deep, deep blue. I am almost worthless.

Let me tie this all together, because I am at a pivotal point in the lives of my family, friends, and church. I take “Grab a Corner” very seriously. I love to be of service. I love helping. I love giving. Yet there are times when this hope-lifter is wiped out. Exhausted! When I am hit from all angles, and not always bad things, but just overwhelming things, I can hit a wall. It’s at these times when I NEED someone else to “Grab MY Corner.”

There are times when we all need to heal, rest, and strengthen ourselves. We are our family’s foundation. If we don’t take time to mend, then we crumble and the whole foundation is compromised. So it’s not just important, but critical that we take care of ourselves. For example, after resting during particularly blue days, the next day I make sure to dive into my faith with praise music and scripture. I also make sure to exercise, eat well, and laugh a lot.

Just recently I suffered from an exhausting blue day. I couldn’t make it out of bed, so I slept. My family gave me space and brought me food. But for the whole day I slept, cried, and just stayed in my pjs. The next day I dove into Hebrews 6:13-20. I listened to praise music on my bike ride.

I enjoyed healthy food and then hung out with my family and laughed. I am a critical piece of the foundation of my family. I have to take care of myself. And yet on the blue days I don’t carry my load, I am blessed to have a family who helps and just grabs a corner! (DLS)

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