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We Are All Croakers

I learned a new fishing term today:  “Croakers.”  Small croakers are bait fish used to snag the larger saltwater fish and tend to make a croaking sound when you handle them.  What a life!  Croakers are born underdogs; small, unassuming, and their calling is to be fish food.

Strangely, I think we can identify with croakers.  In Matthew 4:19, didn’t Jesus say, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men?”  Like the croakers, we are underdogs used by God as bait to draw more into the kingdom.  The Lord casts us into this world to make a difference, through our words, actions and our service. However, the question is, “Are you luring anyone?’  We may be small fish, but the potential for a big catch is always there.

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