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What Just Happened?

Summer Fun!

Every year about this time I scratch my head and wonder, “What just happened?” The answer is “summer.”  When the school year ends in May, I become delusional and think “Now that summer is here, I will get so much accomplished!”  I make my list:  “Pick up my closet, clean my son’s closet, organize all the papers that are overrunning our house and of course, get a lot of writing done.”

But now I am asking, “What just happened?”  The closet still looks like a jungle that requires a guide to maneuver through.  My son takes after his mom, as you can’t even see the floor of his closet. Every time I have to hang one of his shirts up, I’m afraid I will take a nose dive into his shelves when I trip over his shoes. Who knows what’s living down there!

I have several shopping bags of mail lost in my jungle closet and didn’t spend as much time writing that best seller as I would have liked.

Summer came and went, and I don’t feel like I have anything to show for all the extra time I imagined I’d have.

Then it hit me!  That’s the key!  I imagined I’d have extra time, but in reality, I had a false concept of what I could really accomplish during the summer.

I forgot to factor in all the weeks of traveling.  Even though I didn’t have to take my youngest to school for a few months, he still had lessons and outings with friends that his “driver” needed to take him to. Can you relate? There was a retreat I co-led during the summer and overall, more outdoor activities in general. After all, it was summer!

So, I’ve decided my summer resolution for next year will be to not set such lofty goals. Isn’t closet cleaning a winter activity anyway?

Each day, I’ll ask the Lord to order my steps and if I don’t get to something, I won’t fret about it! I am claiming Proverbs 16:9 as my theme verse for the vacation months: In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps, trusting that God has my summer worked out in his daily planner!

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