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Who Should We Level-Up?

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Do you have a special place to pray?


I generally pray at my kitchen table but I often get on my knees at my bedside. I pray for family, friends, myself, my church leaders, for our country and the peace of Jerusalem.

I am also fervently praying for our upcoming “Level-Up” Conference on October 7th, now exactly three weeks away.


With our marketing card in front of me, I lift up every speaker, every worship leader and pray for all those who have already signed up, or who still need to register. It was during my prayer time Thursday that I received a revelation from God when I heard His still, soft voice say:

“What about leveling ME up?

I always know when the Lord is speaking because the message comes from left field. It is usually not within my train of thought, and as I heard his voice I was taken aback with a wave of emotion.

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My heavenly Father was gently telling me that I had placed my prayer focus in the wrong place.

I was too worried about the people, when I should be more concerned about exalting Him. My prayers should have been:

“Lord we pray that the women see your great love at this event.”

“We pray you will be lifted high and your greatness will shine through during the conference.”

“We thank you for drawing the women.”

“We praise you for providing financially.”

“Lord, help us ‘level-up’ your name.”

I was repentant. This conference is not about me, or my co-presenter, Sharon Hill. It’s not about our keynote speaker, Thelma Wells. It’s not about our worship leader, Renee Rollins. It’s not about any of our other speakers, artists or team members. It is about the Lord God Almighty. He is where our focus needs to be in the days before “Level-Up” and on the day of this conference.

I will confess, with registrations trickling in, I was questioning God’s call to do this event. Truthfully, I try to run when God lays out his plans for a women’s retreat or conference because I know the amount of work and up front financial commitment it takes. But now that God has spoken, not only to me, but has delivered the same message to other team members, I am confident that the “Level-Up” Conference originated from Him and that means He is going to powerfully work in and through it on October 7th.

God is in charge and I cannot wait to see what He does!


Thank you, Lord, for using your servants to teach others about you. We pray those attending Level-Up will feel your presence and see your passionate fire burning inside all of us who are involved. We pray that we will level you up to the place deserving of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN

If you want to be a part of what God has in store at the Level-Up Conference, here’s the link to sign up:


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