Would you like to plan a women’s retreat, but don’t have the staff, nor the volunteers to make it happen? Let Pearls of Promise put the retreat together for you!

We can provide a theme, the speakers, the music and the schedule. All you are responsible for is the decor and food.

Speakers Can Include: 

Pearls of Promise Founder and Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Host, Lisa Burkhardt Worley. www.pearlsofpromiseministries.com

AGO Strategy Founder and Pearls of Promise Marketing Director, Aurora Ortega Geis. https://agostrategy.com/

Pearls of Promise Creative Director, Author and Speaker, Dr. Lynnette Simm. www.pearlsofpromiseministries.com

Pearls of Promise Communications Coordinator and speaker, Rosemary Legrand.

Worship Leaders include: 

Award-winning country singer and songwriter, Mary James. http://www.mary-james.com/

Singer and Songwriter, Renee Rollins. www.reneerollins.com

For a quote, contact us at: lisabworley@pearlsofpromiseministries.com