Who’s Your Daddy? How to Develop a More Intimate Relationship with Your Heavenly Father- Based on Lisa’s new book, The Only Father I Ever Knew, this message teaches women about how to have a closer relationship with God. Lisa highlights three ways: Praise, Prayer, and the Psalms and gives biblical teaching for all three. In this message, Lisa also emphasizes the love that God has for all people, and explains how women can be assured of their heavenly Father’s love for them.

Run Your Own Race- Being Secure in Who God Created You to Be– Insecurity can be overwhelming at times and this message provides concrete ways to overcome insecurity in your personal identity. Using material from Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Catherine Weiskopf’s upcoming book, If I Only Had…Wrapping Yourself in God’s Truth During Storms of Insecurity, Lisa identifies areas where women are insecure and provides stories of overcoming insecurity, sharing Scripture that will help women be more secure in who they were created to be. This message is life changing!

Connecting the Dots to Joy in Relationships– If you have any troubled relationships in your life, this message shows you how you can better connect to joy in those relationships. Lisa will take a humorous look at the life of Joseph and how we can learn from how he botched his relationships with his brothers!  Lisa will also give you constructive ways to have more joy in your own life!

Taking Your Thought Temperature – Does negative thinking get you down?  Do your thoughts have a tendency to spiral downwards? “Taking Your Thought Temperature” is a message based on a chapter in the book, If I Only Had…, written by Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Catherine Weiskopf. This talk introduces the concept of the “Thought Thermometer” and provides answers for how to combat unhealthy thoughts. It also takes a look at the life of Jonah to demonstrate how God turned negative thinking around 180 degrees after Jonah had some time away at sea!

Facing Your Fears- This is a message based on Lisa Burkhardt Worley’s testimony. Lisa shares about her three greatest fears, including her fear of being like her mother, who was mentally ill. Lisa accepted Christ in high school after a tumultuous childhood with her father dying before she was born and her mother never recovering from that premature death.  However, after salvation in high school, Lisa spent 17 years running from her mother and not connected to Christ, wrapped up in her identity as a television sportscaster rather than her identity in the Lord.  This is a story of how God intercepted Lisa mid-career and brought her back on a path to honor her mother and to serve him through her television career, then full-time ministry.

How to Have a Heart Like God’s- Do you have trouble believing God loves you or is it difficult to love other people? In this powerful message, Lisa explains what is blocking the flow of love to God and others. She also provides specific examples of how we can learn from King David, a man after God’s own heart. Bring your kleenex!

God’s Prescription for Meltdowns: How He Helps the Harried Mom-This is the perfect message for mom’s groups. In it, Lisa shares about her battle with anxiety during a time when she worked full-time, went to school part-time, was raising a family, and her life had no margin. She explains how she rediscovered margin in that stretch of her life, and provides three prescriptions for having more peace during the child raising years.

Planted in His Court-This is a message based on Psalm 92:12-13 about the importance of spending extended time in prayer. Lisa will talk about how God gave her the word, “pray” in 2017 and led her to this passage. She discusses how she went about expanding her prayer time, and the results that ensued.

The Root that Never Dies-This message talks about the meaning of roots in the Bible, and in Israel, and about the importance of staying connecting to the root that never dies. The message also touches on how to overcome roots that kill like anger, jealousy, bitterness, and worry. Lisa draws from her recent trip to Israel, and shares what she was taught there about the roots.

Coffee with Jesus: Connecting to God Through a Personal Quiet Time- Do you have trouble having a morning quiet time? This message talks about the importance of having time with Jesus in the morning and gives reasons why it is such a critical thing to do in our lives. The message uses the acronym: DRAW NEAR to emphasize if we draw near to God, then he will draw near to us.

Who is Your Naomi?: The Importance of Mentoring – Based on the book of Ruth, “Who is Your Naomi?” looks at the mentor relationship between Naomi and Ruth and how we can get to the point in our lives where we are sought out as mentors so women will want to follow us wherever we go.

Prayer Power!: Amazing Stories of God’s Answers to Prayer – Connecting with God through prayer is an extremely important part of our lives. Lisa will explain how to make prayer more active in your life.  She will also talk about how, through an emotional move, God transformed her from a sporadic prayer to a prayer warrior. Lisa give examples of amazing answers to prayers both in her life in others’ lives!

Retreat Themes:

Unmasking the Proverbs 31 Woman: “What is Your Worth?” “What’s in Your Closet?”  “What is Beautiful to God?”

Planting Seeds to Grow Into Who God Designed You to Be: “Knowing the Gardener,” “Dead Plants,” “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” “Reaping a Harvest.”

A Heart Like God’s: “The Love Block,” “Learning from King David,” “How Much Does God Love You?”

God’s GPS: “Stop,” “Go,” “Detour,” “Yield”

It’s a Jungle Out There: Trusting God to Be Your Guide

Reflecting: “Reflecting In” “Reflecting Out.”

Talks can be modified or developed to fit the needs of any audience.

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