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POP Talk Radio

POP Talk is now on Radio! You can find our topical show on the Fishbowl Radio Network (www.fbrn.us) Studio A on Friday’s at Noon. Also on Soundcloud, Spotify, Googleplay and Radio Public. All past shows can be found on Soundcloud. Here are the October/November interviews:

Friday, October 2 Topic: “Why Don’t We Rest?” Interview with Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith

October 9 Topic: “From Addiction to Spirit Revolution” Interview with Dr. Victor Torres.

October 16 Topic: “How to Pray Intentionally.” Interview with Sharon Hill.

October 23 Topic: How to Have God’s Wisdom. Interview with Kevin Almond.

One Woman’s Fight Against Domestic Violence. Interview with Natalie Carrado.

“The World of Bible Animals”: Interview with Ben Cooper

How a Near Death Experience Can Change a Life: Interview with Heather Friesen