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One Key for Making Friends


Are you a people person?

Over my lifetime, I’ve met women who I wanted to know better. Potential friendships. They might have been from the same neck of the woods as me, or had similar interests. Recently, I heard an engaging speaker who:

Grew up in the same neighborhood,

Went to the same childhood school,

Attended the same church as a child,

Had a similar dysfunctional childhood,

Had the same heart’s desire,

and spent many years in the same profession.

Wow! It’s not often that you meet someone you have so much in common with.

women dispute

I tried to connect with the well-known speaker at her book table, but she appeared to have no interest in getting to know me. I was at the end of the line to buy her book but once it was my turn, I felt like I had to hurry the conversation, even though no one was waiting behind me. I stammered over words as I struggled to speedily explain our similarities; not very impressive for a person who speaks for a living!

When I left the luncheon, I allowed the scenario to bother me. I dwelled on it too long, and felt rejected. But it wasn’t long before the Holy Spirit reminded me of the words I lift up before any function, “Lord, I pray for divine connections.” No matter how perfect this scenario looked, she wasn’t the connection God had in mind.

woman praying

Do you give your daily encounters over to God?

Do you fret when someone doesn’t respond the way you’d like?

When you feel slighted by someone, do you start asking questions like:

Am I not interesting enough?

Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not young enough?


It’s not about any of this. It’s about who God wants us to connect with. It could also be about their insecurity around you. And remember, forced friendships never work.

When Jesus sent the disciples out to share the good news he told them, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” This applies to our daily encounters as well.

Need a friend? Then pray God provides that person. The one we choose, based on worldly standards, may not be Heaven’s choice for us.

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