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The “Fast” Answer


That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling right now in the midst of the Texas snow event and the rolling blackouts. Power on. Power off. Power on. Power off. POWER ON! Hurry up, get that load of laundry done. Run the dishwasher. Better yet. Send emails! How should I spend this window of connection? Those of you who live in Texas can probably relate.

My Hebrew class was cancelled yesterday, as was a radio interview I was supposed to do. An event scheduled for Thursday—delayed for two months.

However, I am realizing this “pause” on top of the pause we are already experiencing, because of the Pandemic, has created some additional time to catch up on studies and take care of projects that had been lying dormant. Projects like cleaning out email on my computer (thanking God there’s a light on my computer), removing moldy food from the fridge, and giving the floors a once over. It feels good to have more order in the house. After all, we are created in the image of God and He is a God of order.

What is interesting is that last week I fasted from my usual eating regimen for a couple of days because I was feeling overwhelmed with my schedule and needed guidance. Between leading Pearls of Promise and other ministry commitments, there are a lot of moving parts. I specifically prayed about one organization that I love but that requires a lot of my time. Am I supposed to remain involved? So that was the focus of my fast. G-d is faithful. He made it very clear through repeat messages that I was supposed to stick with this commitment. I then said to the LORD, Well okay. Then could you expand my time so I don’t feel like I’m always behind?

That’s when everything came to a standstill because of the snow storm. I am not saying this happened because of my fast, but the timing is interesting. He used the snow to open up a window of time to play catch up—a quick answer to my prayer. Mummified in a couple of throws because of the lower than usual indoor temperature, I spent extra time studying yesterday afternoon and feel more confident about my classes. Today, I plan to actually get ahead in Hebrew, and last night I cleaned out about 7000 emails from my inbox.

I also realized that fasting is a certain way to hear from God and to perhaps move a mountain that seems immovable.

When the disciples were unable to heal a boy with an evil spirit, possibly embarrassed by their power outage, they asked Jesus why they weren’t successful. Jesus said, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29).

So we are no different than the disciples. When we’re facing a roadblock, uncertain about direction or have a big decision in our lives, then setting aside a day or two to fast from food—I ate only fruit—could save us from additional days of uncertainty.

When we need an answer fast, it’s time to “fast.”


While we are just experiencing “rolling blackouts” at our home, today I want to pray for the millions of people in Texas who are without any power or water. LORD, keep them safe. Provide your warmth. Stretch supplies of bottled water and food and I pray that this situation turns around quickly. We trust you, LORD, to take care of your children. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN.

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