The Only Father I Ever Knew is designed to help the fatherless understand that God is their Father when their own father has not been an active part of their life. Each of the twenty-four chapters in this book represent attributes of God that are “father-like.” Using a backdrop of author Lisa Burkhardt Worley’s own fatherless life, as well as the lives of other fatherless men and women she interviewed, it is her goal to show that only God can fill the void left in our hearts by an absentee earthly father. Lisa’s father, a Jewish physician, suffered a deadly heart attack at age 39 while playing polo. She was born two months later. For most of her childhood, Lisa lived with a mentally ill mother who never recovered from the premature death of her spouse while Lisa attempted to fill the void left by her deceased father. She searched for love in all the wrong places and made a numerous mistakes until she discovered the unfailing love of her heavenly Father.