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Every Moment Counts by Dr. Lynnette Simm

It may seem like most of us are just wasting time with this quarantine, but I’m here to tell you that Every Moment Counts!

With every day we are home, alone or with family, we are learning and growing. We are seeing elements in our own character, and of those with us, that we may not have known that require our grace. Just today, Christian singer TobyMac posted on Facebook a truth about grace—for a time such as this. His words are below:

This time in quarantine has given me a chance to have some truly alone time. Honestly, for the FIRST time in my life. I have had struggles with being alone my whole life. To me, “alone” meant I was abandoned. There have been times, looking back, where I behaved as if I couldn’t live without being in the presence of others. I kept people in my life just so I wouldn’t be alone. I let people hurt, use, and abuse me out of fear of being abandoned. Alone was something I didn’t do.

During some time away from my family, I learned that I can do alone. Now this may not seem like a revelation for some of you, but to those who know me, alone has been my biggest fear. So, when I found myself alone for nearly two weeks, day after day, I had nothing else to do but talk with the Lord.

What I discovered was that what I feared most wasn’t possible. I have never been and will never be abandoned or alone, not only because the Lord is with me always but because God has filled my life with beloved family and friends. While I may have time alone, all I have to do is reach out and I know God is with me and so are  many others. Fear gripped my heart for so many years but during this amazing time in our world God helped me banish that fear.

I now know I will be okay if I’m alone. I know that I am loved and treasured. I know that I am seen and wanted, even when no one sees me.

What fear have you been holding on to? Have you asked the Lord to reveal His love and truth? It’s mind blowing and heart exploding when He does. Let go and let God hold you tight and comfort you. He is the Prince of Peace —a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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