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global networkThere are times when we wonder if God hears our prayers for clear direction.

There are seasons when we think God has forgotten us.

There may be a stretch of our lives when we wonder if our Heavenly Father really loves us.

While we may not feel his involvement sometimes, we have to trust he’s working behind the scenes.

God is networking for us.

His contacts are limitless.

If we let him, he’ll guide us along life’s journey.

Because he will arrange divine appointments.

He gives us favor so we know his hand is in it.

He is able to put people in place for us to meet and has a perfect plan for our lives.

We should never forget “God works all things together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

I’ve seen that in my own life recently. After a season of questions, God is beginning to shed light on the answers. My “why” is turning into “of course.” That’s why that happened. I wish I would have trusted God with the outcome. I’m sorry I didn’t have more peace in the waiting period. Thank you, Lord,  for remembering me. 

Has this ever happened to you? Why is it so difficult to believe God is working on our behalf?

When things look bleak, we still have to trust there’s a reason for what has transpired.

It may be preparing us for the next phase of our lives.

It may be God’s way of forcing us to our knees.

It may be a turning point in our lives that requires some solitude before we make the move.

It may be best for our family.

It may be best for us individually.

God loves us and even when he’s silent, we have to trust he is at work.

And when he unveils his plan and we see the intricate weaving of his network, we are in awe and realize he cares more than we ever realized.

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