My Kitchen Table

     Ever since I rededicated my life to Christ in 1993, I’ve spent my quiet time with God at the kitchen table.  When we lived in Connecticut, I studied his Word at the kitchen table, the kitchen table represented my place of solitude in San Antonio and now here in Flower Mound, even though I now have a desk in our bedroom, I sit writing this devotion at our kitchen table.  There is something about the light that beams into the breakfast area.  The windows surrounding the kitchen table usually provide the best view of God’s beautiful handiwork.  The kitchen table is where I greet the Lord in the morning and many times, spend time with him in the afternoon.

     I can remember that our view from the kitchen table in San Antonio needed some “sprucing up” so one day my husband and I bought two Crepe Myrtle trees and planted them outside the window so I could see them blossom.  It seemed as my faith grew, so did the Crepe Myrtles.  They were a daily reminder to me of the splendor of God’s creation and every spring, I anticipated their pink blooms.      

     When we found out we were moving from San Antonio to Flower Mound, I went through many emotions about leaving my home town.   I would miss my extended family members, my wonderful friends, the church we attended and lastly, I knew I would miss the now, more mature, Crepe Myrtles for in a way they were symbolic of my spiritual journey.

     When we bought our house in Flower Mound, the trees and spring flowers had not yet bloomed so I did not know the surprise that awaited me on moving weekend in late May.  As we drove up to our new neighborhood, I was awestruck as the streets were lined with Crepe Myrtles while our yard was colorfully landscaped with numerous Crepe Myrtles in the front and backyards.  For me, it was God’s way of reconfirming that our move was his will and that our lives and spiritual walk would blossom even more through this move.  Four years later, I still anticipate the Crepe Myrtle’s blooms each season and as I look back, I am thankful for God’s reassurance during a very difficult time.

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  • Linda Brazel


    Your devotionals are so inspiring. Thanks for this web site and I thank my God for you.

    Love you,

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