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“Of Course” by Dr. Lynnette Simm

Recently, I thanked my husband for coming to the airport late in the evening to pick up my daughter and me. He replied, “Of course.” That really struck me because just moments before I thanked my daughter for joining me on my trip. She replied, “Of course.”

It got me thinking about what they mean by “of course.”
The phrase “of course” means the actions or outcomes are obvious and expected. Synonyms include “naturally,” “absolutely,” “certainly,” and “definitely.”

As I meditated on this phrase and examined how my daughter and husband just naturally, without hesitation, said “of course,” I was struck by how blessed I am. Because what they do for me isn’t a certainty or absolute. It is because of their love and the time and energy we have invested in our relationships that has caused them to feel this way.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have someone to travel with or to quickly retrieve them from the airport. They don’t have someone who will sit with them when they are sick or hold them when they cry. I suspect that we all would love our life partners or children to be that person, but sadly it isn’t “of course” for some people.

That is why I do not take for granted the people I have in my life. Relationships are vital for happiness, yet they are work. But so worth the effort! I just watched a TEDtalk on what makes people happy and the number one thing was relationships. The speaker talked about a study at Harvard University that has spanned over 75 years, tracking the lives of over 700 people. As the participants reach their 90s, it’s their relationships that they treasure. Loved ones who made life worth living. Friendships that brought the most laughter. Family that gave meaning to all the trials and tribulations.

As a Christian, I also have an amazing relationship with God. We talk often. I share my life and worries. Naturally, He knows my thoughts and actions already, but I want a spiritual relationship, so I pour out my heart to Him. Then He fills me with hope and love. 

It’s His love that I share with my family and friends. I do my best to remind them that I appreciate them and thank them for loving me. And when they say, “of course,” I remind them that I don’t take their commitment to me for granted. They are amazing, and they deserve my gratitude.

God is also amazing, and He deserves my gratitude.  My relationship with Him as well as loved ones are my priority.

Do you share love and gratitude? Is there a friend on your mind? Are there relationships you need to mend or strengthen? It’s as easy as saying “thank you” and “I love you.”

“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you” (John 15:12).

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