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One Easy Way to Share a Life-Changing Prayer by Bella Cruz

Today’s guest blogger is Bella Cruz. Bella is an international author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning executive leadership consultant, certified coach and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. Bella Cruz’s evangelical mission is to Promote God’s Greatness and the Beauty of the Cross™ through the message of salvation and to motivate, inspire and help others reach their highest potential and purpose in life. Bella will also be a featured speaker at the Pearls of Promise “Level-Up San Antonio” event scheduled for May 18, 2019 at Oak Hills-Alamo Ranch Church.       

One Easy Way to Share a Life-Changing Prayer by Bella Cruz

Are you afraid to tell others about your faith in Jesus Christ?

I’ve led people into a relationship with Jesus in stores, on vacation, visiting others, at events, and through simply living life, and meeting people I don’t even know. In most cases, I lead others to Christ without even bringing it up, or being pushy or forceful because this causes people to run the other way.

How do I find the right opportunity? The most common opening is simple and will not surprise you. I’ve learned that the best time to ask someone to pray the Prayer of Salvation with me is when they’re telling me all about their problems.

When someone is pouring out their soul, it opens a door to ask them if they want prayer. If they say yes, then I also ask the person: “If something were to happen to you, do you want to make sure you get into heaven?” The answer to this question is usually yes, and then I immediately start praying for them.

The most important thing to remember is that the Holy Spirit joins you when you do this and the words just flow. The power of the Holy Spirit embraces that person while praying because it’s about them getting into heaven at that moment and starting a relationship with the Savior of the world. Please keep the prayer short, simple and without any judgment toward the person.

I want to also mention that if someone doesn’t want prayer, it’s okay, and please don’t take it personally. Don’t try to force it or continue to ask them over and over to pray with you. Kindly respect their response and pray for those people privately. From my experiences, most people will eventually come back to me later and ask for prayer.

To make it easy, the following is a sample of the Prayer of Salvation: “Father God, I believe Jesus Christ is your Son. Please forgive me for my sins and I make Jesus my Lord and Savior.”

It’s the most life-changing prayer anyone can ever pray.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”  (John 3:16).

For more information and to answer many common questions about the Prayer of Salvation such as:  “What Does Being “Saved” Really Mean?” “How do I Pray the Prayer of Salvation with Others?” or for anyone who wants to get into Heaven or needs an evangelical tool to help others get into Heaven, click on the links below.

Link to buy the book on Amazon: How to Get Into Heaven (The Prayer of Salvation)

Spanish version: Como Llegar Al Cielo (La Oracion De Salvacion)


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