Searching for the Christ Child

     As we approach the Christmas season, our minds and hearts are supposed to draw nearer to Jesus but unfortunately, sometimes I find it is just the opposite.  I personally have been out of town three out of the last four weekends so I’ve missed some small group time in my Sunday school and since Bible study has ended for the fall, I am not studying God’s Word with all my sisters in Christ.  I can feel the rush of the Christmas season starting to take over.  There are Christmas presents to buy, decorating to do and of course, massive house cleaning that needs to take place before relatives come in.  Where is the Christ child in all this?

     I believe that during the holiday season, it takes discipline to remain connected to the Lord.  We have to be intentional about our search for the Christ child.  I think about the three wise men, who when they learned of Jesus’ birth, searched for Jesus for two years until they found Him!  We can be just as tenacious by staying in the Word even when there is no organized study to keep us engaged.  In the mornings, my husband and I are reading an Advent study called The Uncluttered Heart.  The book includes brief devotions with scripture to help us focus on the Advent season.  We are also reading through the book of John, using the Holman New Testament Commentary. 

     I still miss my small group time; however.  Perhaps there is something to that verse:  “When two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.”  I feel the presence of Christ more in a small group discussion about scripture than almost anywhere else.  That’s because he is true to his Word.  He is with us during that time.

     If you are like me and missing your gatherings and desire to feel the closeness of Christ, you might want to consider organizing a couple of small group times over the holidays.  Find a short Bible study or a devotion that can be discussed.  Spend some time in prayer with your sisters or brothers in Christ and watch how quickly you reconnect with the Lord.  In the midst of the busyness of the holiday season, you’ll find that the Christ child has been there all along.  You just need to slow down long enough to see Him.

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