The Glaring Flaw by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

For the first time in about eight years, I have been inconsistent in producing Pearls of Promise blogs. Because of a full class load, I’ve had to answer the question, Do I write a blog or do I complete this assignment? As much as I love all of you, I choose the assignment even though there is so much to share.

I promise it will get better next semester. I will be back to four class hours, which seems manageable. I miss the POP blog. It’s one of my favorite ways to do ministry and share God’s truths.

So in light of Thanksgiving, I want to be honest with you about a glaring flaw that I discovered about myself this semester. I am not grateful enough.

We were required to complete a Christian Character evaluation for school. I scored high in “faithfulness” and “compassion”, but alarmingly low in “gratitude.” I wondered why that was and then I figured it out. I don’t slow down enough to think about what I should be grateful for. There are many things I cherish, like my faith, family, health, friends, home and adventures. However, because of busyness, I guess I take all of those gifts for granted.

So today, I am putting on the brakes before I launch into my next school assignment to thank God for the restoration of my life, from a lost fatherless girl to a servant of the King, and for all the many blessings he has given me in both the good times and the bad. I can actually say I am grateful for the trials like my recent COVID bout, because the disease forced me to lie down by still waters and think about all that I am thankful for.

What about you? It’s Thanksgiving week. Will you take thirty minutes out of all the holiday preps to step into the throne room of God and to tell him why you are grateful? I desire to improve in this area, and as I close, I want to tell you how thankful I am for you and grateful you follow the POP blog.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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