The Whole is Important by Dr. Lynnette Simm

Aristotle said, “The whole is more greater than the sum of its parts.”

A whole person’s life is more important than the individual moments. Redemption. Forgiveness. Grace. Wisdom. Love. All are learned over time. Anything worth learning takes time and inevitably mistakes, big and small, will be made. A monument to a person’s life should be seen as a culmination of moments—what was done wrong, how one learned from those mistakes, and then changed direction. The past cannot be erased. It is impossible to turn back the clock. 

God doesn’t erase your sins. He forgives them. 

God doesn’t weigh which sins are worse. He forgives them all. 

God doesn’t look back at who you were, He sees who you will become. 

I, personally, regret many things I have done. Even today, I make mistakes and cringe because I so desperately want to be better. Some things I am really good at learning and doing better—others—well, I’m only human. I know my heart is full of love, but I also know my flesh disappoints me. Jealousy. Envy. Fear. Weakness. Insecurity. Selfishness. Pride. All stifle me at times and hold me captive, but I’m fighting against them everyday. 

I pray that when people look back on my life they see a broken girl who turned into a broken woman YET she spent her life trying to heal herself. She also tried to help heal her family and friends. I hope that grace will be given once people hear of the horrible sins I have committed. I wonder if people will see how the Lord changed my life and with His forgiveness I was able to forgive myself and others?

But most importantly, I hope and pray that when my life is done that the mistakes I have made will be seen as stepping stones to the woman I became. Beloved Wife.

Mother of three.

Sister, Daughter.

And Friend. 

I know in my heart that my Lord and Savior loves me and will welcome me home. He sees my true heart and has allowed my mistakes to draw me closer to Him. Thank you Father for all the parts of my life, good and bad parts, that brought me home to YOU! Thank you for seeing ALL OF ME AND NOT JUST MY PARTS. 

I pray for you all. May you see and be seen, not merely for the parts of you life, but for the whole of who you became, just as God sees you. 

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