Thrill Seekers by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

I’ve never been much for carnival rides, especially those that spin or turn upside down, or roller coasters that have a downward drop that makes you feel like you left your stomach at the top of the ride.

Yesterday, my family and I were at a place called the Kemah Boardwalk, near Clear Lake, Texas, and there was this one circular ride that made a loop. Those who dared to get on it were upside down at one point. I couldn’t even watch it without a feeling of fear.

I preferred our family tour of Kemah, by land, on the kiddy train.

I wondered what makes people seek out man-made thrills?

While I may not like carnival rides, in a way I am a thrill seeker because there is no greater thrill than following Jesus. I am a woman who gets bored easily, but life with Him is never dull and I’ve been a follower for many years now. Here is how we partner with Him, upon surrender of our lives:

We become “fishers of men” and women. There is no greater thrill than leading a friend, loved one or total stranger to Christ (Matthew 4:19).

We are His disciples. I love the continuous revelation I receive every time I read the Word of God. In turn, we have the freedom to teach others what we’ve learned (Psalm 119:105).

Jesus said we’ll do greater things than He did (John 14:12). Jesus healed. He cast out demons. He was a miracle worker. It is thrilling to act as a conduit by laying hands on a person then watching God heal them.

And if you’re willing to go and do whatever God asks of you, it is a ride that is totally satisfying and full of adventure (Isaiah 30:21). I never thought I’d be working on a Doctor of Ministry in Messianic Studies, nor would I have attended seminary. If I hadn’t followed Jesus, I would not be co-hosting a Christian television and radio show (POP Talk), and I doubt I’d have a ministry like Pearls of Promise. I’d probably be nearing retirement in a secular job, having missed the thrill of serving in fulfilling ministry work.

So are you a thrill seeker? Maybe you’d like more excitement in your life. If anyone told you the Christian life is boring, that is far from the truth. Won’t you turn it all over to Jesus today, then hang on. You’re in for the ride of your life!


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