A Christmas Adventure by Betty Brown Simm

Advent was the beginning of adventure. God came to earth to meet us where we are. He asked us to follow out of our weakness, despair, and apathy of the world. 

God shared Jesus, His way for us to find forgiveness, constant love, and heavenly strength. 

Advent is the beginning of adventure, an inner journey of the soul. Challenged by human frailties, we hesitate to step out in faith upon God’s unseen promise. But we follow Jesus, one who has been before, who reaches down, redeems, and restores our worth. 

Advent will always be the beginning of adventure. By listening, learning, believing Jesus we will follow God’s path with His spiritual strength through peaks and valleys, darkness and light. What an AWESOME eternal adventure! 


By Betty Brown Simm, Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother.

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