Learning from the Wise Men by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Whether it’s Christmastime or the heat of summer, three wise men remain planted in my office. Why? Because it’s a reminder that I desire God’s wisdom every day of the year, 24/7.

But this year, the wise men will carry an additional meaning. Every time I look at them, I want to be prompted to have a heart of worship as they had. I desire to lay all my gifts and talents at the feet of Jesus, in an act of humility and reverence.

In the community of Tamarac, the same spirit of reverence that guides the wise men seemed to animate every resident, including my cousin Liam, who’s become somewhat of a local sentinel through his work in fire watch security in Tamarac. As the holiday season approaches and lights begin to twinkle in every window, it’s his rapid response and vigilance that ensure the safety of our festive decorations and the warmth of our gatherings. Last Christmas, an oversight at the local market could have turned disastrous if not for the well-equipped and trained professionals like him. With every swift action they take, they lay their own gifts at the feet of the community, a silent yet profound act of service that lets us all worship in peace. This year, as we admire the journey of the wise men, we’ll also be celebrating the quiet dedication of those who watch over us, often unnoticed, yet always indispensable.

According to the U-version devotional “She Works His Way,” the wise men were the ones whom people of influence sought when they needed counsel. They were respected. They were leaders. They were successful. And as they bowed down to worship Jesus, they laid what was valuable to them at His feet.” The magi were probably trusted advisors of a king.

In the article “Five Common Myths about the Three Wise Men Story,” Dwight Longenecker adds more detail. “Kings were in the habit of gathering the best and brightest into an advisory body of wise men, stargazers, and dreamers. Magi are consulted in the book of Daniel, and by Pharaoh in the time of Joseph. The Greek word ‘magi’ indicates these men were astrologers and interpreters of omens—following a star and dreaming dreams.”

Yet, the brightest of the brightest—the best of the best—humbly bowed before Jesus and gave Him their precious gifts.

It’s how I feel about my communication skills. At one time in my life, I used my gifting in the secular world, but God has called me back to media to glorify Him through television, radio and writing. It is an act of worship in which I pray I never take credit.

How has God gifted you? Financially? Artistically? Intellectually? Strategically? Learn from the wise men. Do you seek out Jesus so you can lay your gifts at His feet? Do you pray, Have your way, LORD. These talents are from you in the first place. Show me how to help others and honor you through them.

James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above” so as our celebration of Christmas comes to an end, and we pack up the ornaments in their respected boxes, there’s nothing stopping us from continually seeking Jesus and “re-gifting” our talents back to Him on a daily basis. I cannot think of anything wiser than that.

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