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Cracks in the Sidewalk

I took a walk by myself this week and spent a lot of time admiring nature and listening to God.  At one point, I asked the Lord to give me a new devotion idea for my blog.


All I heard was “Cracks in the sidewalk.”


“Cracks in the sidewalk?” What does that mean? There was no answer initially, but I began to study the cracks in the sidewalk as I walked, and I realized there was a message there.


Even though the sidewalk was taking me to my ultimate destination, there were still cracks along the way. I knew it was the right sidewalk, so I had to remain on it despite the cracks. I remember one time when I tried to take a shortcut around a sidewalk, I fell in a hole, covered up by grass, and sprained my ankle.


Don’t we do that in our lives? We want to avoid the cracks? When we do, sometimes we fall into a pit!


If you’re a writer like me, the crack may be a delay in publishing the book you’ve been called to write, or the crack could be an illness or injury that has set you back. If you’ve surrendered your life to Christ and are certain of your calling, a crack doesn’t mean you need to change sidewalks for a smoother journey. God calls us to remain on the path he has set out for us.


Psalm 37:23,24 says: The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.


Yes, we may stumble over the cracks in our sidewalks, but God’s desire for us is to persevere and trust him even when the path becomes uneven.




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