Digging Deep by Dr. Lynnette Simm

Life has been hard. Not just for me, but for us all. Before all this virus anxiety came along, our family had been struggling with two parents battling cancer. We were doing all we could to help with our parents emotionally, physically, and even financially. For my parents, we have been helping with everyday chores, as well as creating some lasting memories. 

This past January, we worked hard to create a place at my parent’s home where the family could come together and relax, enjoy food and laughter, and make memories. That’s right, we built a fire pit! We had the whole gang at the farm cleaning, painting, and then out of the blue I suggested we could also dig and build a fire pit. In Dad’s big blue truck, we were off to Home Depot to get the bricks we would need. Dad just kept a smiling as we picked the brick. Madison did the calculations we needed to insure we purchased enough material.

I was in charge of how big the fire pit would be. I was thinking BIG! Madison had me explain “big” and we settled on four feet wide. Dad said he wanted the pit to be dug deep to avoid setting the farm on fire. I turned to him and said in my best fake, shocked voice, “Me? I would never.” Smiling like a child who was getting her favorite toy, I conceded it would be best to keep our heavily treed farm safe. We decided to dig three feet deep down in the unforgiving rocky soil. Madison and I began digging as my Dad grind and looked on. One foot down and two feet wide, my back started negotiating for a small fire pit. Then Dad left and came back with the tractor and the pit was dug in less than thirty minutes! We used the tractor to move the bricks from the truck to the fire pit site, with the help of my nephew who came to join in the building. Slowly the foundation was done, then the next levels were easily built. Then, nearly hopping up and down like a kid at Christmas I was gathering wood.

Well, I had to test it out! Fire, ooh ahh ahh! Unfortunately, we were so tired that we ended up snuffing the fire out long before my favorite part came—the hours of watching glowing embers. 

Then the virus hit and because my parents were vulnerable we stayed away from the farm. We started counting the days, somewhat jokingly, until the news kept pouring in about the virus. Day after day, we dug deep and tried not to be worried about our parents. We were concerned about food, medicine, doctor’s appointments for cancer treatments, and yes, even toilet paper. We did all we could to ship food and supplies.

Then my father-in-law passed. We had to dig deep inside to stay home for two weeks before heading home to Colorado! Into quarantine again, with my mother-in-law, we went as we grieved and helped with all the paperwork.

Then with resolve we hunkered down again and waited another two weeks before finally visiting my parents. Again we gathered as a family helping with chores, grocery shopping, farm and house maintenance. I went to our sad fire pit, now half covered with spider webs and began collecting firewood. I wasn’t going to get too tired this time! Marshmallows were calling my name! From the porch my parents looked on as the rest of us sat around the fire and laughed, ate, and roasted marshmallows, yes, some even made s’mores…not my favorite. Then my favorite part, the embers, oh those beautiful, restful, soothing embers. 

Sometimes we have to dig deep to save the things we love the most, our families and friends. This time apart has allowed me time to reflect, dream, and dig deeper into myself. 

What has the Lord allowed you to dig deeper into?

How has your marriage weathered this storm?

How are your children growing during this chaos?

How much deeper has your relationship with your parents become?

Have your priorities come into focus?

Digging deeper into your life can have so many blessings. See what the Lord has for you. 

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