I am grateful for...by Dr. Lynnette Simm - Pearls of Promise

I am grateful for…by Dr. Lynnette Simm

2. My Sister

Not everyone has a best friend for life, but that’s what I call my sister, Mary. She came into my life with bouncy curls and a smile that melts hearts, but what I’m most grateful for is her heart. 

Sister relationships can be difficult, and we have had many difficulties. However, what keeps us grounded in our relationship with each other is love. We know that each other only wants the best for the other. We understand that what is best for one may not be best for another. We share in each other’s joys and sorrows. We remind each other that we are there for one another. She knows my weaknesses and my strength and love me anyway, and I her. 

Truth be told, we have fought, given each other the silent treatment, and been unkind. Yet, through the years these issues diminished a lot. When we do disagree, we have learned to give each other space to heal and have always come back to one another with a forgiving heart and love. Sometimes we make mistakes, over step, or unintentionally hurt each other, but we know without a shadow of doubt that our hearts are connected in love. Mary has been a godsend and blessing. She helps in ways only a sister can. She has loved with healing hugs and words of encouragement. She is my person. A gift from God. 

I have taught my daughters to treat each other as gifts from God to one another. They have difficulties, but the choose to see the good in each other. They look for the strengths they each have. They focus on what they have to in common and what they have to complement one other. It’s a choice. 

While Mary and I are blood related, we CHOOSE to be friends. We choose to be kind. We choose to forgive. We choose love. You may have a sister like Mary, or you may have a friend in you life who became the sister you needed. We are all sisters-in-Christ. We can all choose love. I am grateful that Mary chose to be my best friend for life. I love you, Mary. 

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