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Renew Your Family Traditions this Christmas by Dr. Lynnette Simm

I remember when I first learned to make our family’s famous German potatoes. I was about fourteen and I had peeled hot potatoes for my Grandma Mary. I was asking why I had to peel them hot, verses cold, before they were boiled. She explained that peeling them while they are hot creates a creamier dish and wastes less potato. 

Family traditions are my favorite to share. Now that my daughters are masters in the kitchen, I have been sharing our family recipes and sharing the holiday activities. When my parents hosted the holidays, we always had extra people joining us. Friends and neighbors were welcome so extra food was always prepared.

This year we are hosting, and we are sharing the holiday with our beloved friend, Missy. All the way from Idaho, Missy will be spending four lovely days with us. It’s hard for her to accept hospitality, so she is making her family’s favorite Pecan Streusel breakfast. 

Finally, sharing love this season is why I cherish this time of year. I love family time, and I love caring for my family and friends. 1 Peter 4:8-9 says to love each other deeply and offer hospitality.

This season love one another by sharing. Share stories, recipes, your home and time, but most of all —share your love. 

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