The Awe of God: Seeing Life's Miracle Moments by Dr. Lynnette Simm - Pearls of Promise

The Awe of God: Seeing Life’s Miracle Moments by Dr. Lynnette Simm

There are times in my life when I sit back in awe and wonder at how God works. There we were, my family and me, our last day in Ireland. We had driven all day and wanted to get dinner, but with my daughter’s dietary restriction we had to find a place we could all eat. As we drove from the south of Ireland toward Limerick, where we staying the night before our flight home, I asked my older daughter to find a restaurant. While her father drove and I navigated, she found the perfect place to end our amazing family adventure.

Once we arrive and found the restaurant we had to find parking, which proved to be daunting on a Friday night. But at last, we found a parking garage where my husband went up to pay for the three-hour-limit parking. The nice parking garage attendant was kind and smiled and assured us we picked a good restaurant.

Also feeling assured that all our suitcases and collected treasures from our two week adventure were safe, we walked the three blocks to the restaurant. It was a lovely place! Filled with good Irish music and even a Celtic dancer, we ordered some wonderful fish and chips and enjoyed the night.

As we walked out, completely stuffed and happy, we saw a beautiful church, St. Mary’s Cathedral. The rain that hadn’t let up from spring allowed the flowers to stay in bloom longer and the stain glass and stone walls made for a beautiful and peaceful back drop for some photos. They were also having mass, the last one before the parishioners moved to another church, as the summer tourist season was beginning. Everyone loved St. Mary’s. We had time, so we wandered the grounds and talked to people. We shared stories and gave thanks that the rain held off for a beautiful sunset. Soon service started so we made our way to our car. We still needed to find our hotel for the night.

We arrived at the parking garage to find the metal doors rolled down, the attendant gone for the night, no code on the ticket we were holding, and our rental car and belongings trapped inside. We called and emailed the information on the ticket. Nothing. I tried to remain positive, it was only one night and we had money to get a taxi to find our hotel. My husband was furious, my girls anxious, but I was okay. We had money and a reservation. I turned around to the street to see where I could hail a cab, when I saw it. Our hotel!

When our daughter found the restaurant, she had no idea which hotel we were staying at, and there it was, across the street.

Thank you Lord.

“We could easily sleep in our clothes for one night in a clean and safe hotel and in the morning get our car and still have time to shower before check out and our flight. God was good. However, my husband was still discouraged that our trip would end up on a bit of a sour note, so I told him that I would check us in. I walked in to meet another kind Irish native and asked for our room. He responded with the usual questions: “How are you doing?” “Are you enjoying your time in Ireland?” I told him we were having a lovely time. But then I feel like I should say more. So I asked, “You wouldn’t happen to know who owns the parking garage across the street?” He asked why and I explained our situation. He smiled. He then said that they work with the owner to handle their over-parking issues and have the code to open the gates. He sent a fellow over with my husband and in the blink of an eye we had our car and suitcases!

I do not believe in coincidences because I believe that the Lord knows our days because He knows us. He knew we would need a special restaurant and that we would be captivated by one of His places of worship. He knew that our car would get trapped and the Holy Spirit poked at me to share. What could have been a disappointing end turned into a beautiful story about how God works. God is great. It’s the little miracles that we tend to overlook where we can feel the Fathers love.

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