The Shift by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

As followers of Jesus Christ, we can experience many directional shifts in our lives but not all are willing to leave what is known for the unknown.

Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

Before my 2014 trip to Israel I was told by a prophetic friend that The Host had a message for me there and I received that message in a shop in the Jewish Quarter named “Shorashim.” Shop owner Moshe Avraham Kempinski has a heart to improve relations between Israel and other countries and has written several informative books. While at Shorashim, he began teaching our small tour group and shared the story of the olive tree.

He said “the leaves of the olive tree represent God’s protective covering over His people, but to get the fruit off, you have to thresh it or beat it, representing God’s discipline in your life. The trunk of the olive tree lives a long time” (there is one in the Garden of Gethsemane that is over 1400 years old). Then everything slowed down because God’s message for me was forthcoming. I felt like the Spirit was telling me, Pay attention Lisa. Moshe then said, “And the roots of the olive tree never die.” It was at that moment I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Lisa, your Jewish father died, but your Jewish roots never died.”

I did not know what to do with this message. Was I supposed to attend a Messianic Synagogue? Did God want me to enroll in a Hebrew class? It was a directional shift in which I did not have all the answers yet.

I am wondering Is God shifting you, but the details are still a bit sketchy?

Moshe Avraham Kempinski and me

On my trip to Israel a couple of weeks ago, I returned to Shorashim and Moshe Avraham Kempinski was there, right where he was in 2014. I was thrilled to tell him how I received a Divine message at his shop, Shorashim, a name I later discovered means roots. So what a story! God took me to a shop named roots to tell me my Jewish roots never died. You can’t make this stuff up.

Back at Shorashim with a fractured arm

Returning to Shorashim caused me to reflect on what has happened since 2014. I did choose to shift with God and asked him to reveal what He desired of me. Since that day at Shorashim I have:

Gotten involved as a prayer leader in Jewish Ministries at Gateway Church

Now participating in the Jewish Feasts and Festivals, and will teach an Equip class on them at Gateway Church this Spring

Written a book about my return to my Jewish roots called The Root that Never Died

Gone back to school to work on a Doctor of Ministry in Messianic Jewish Studies

Felt a call to fight antisemitism and have now produced two documentaries on the topic

Have created a Facebook page called A Bridge of Love to honor the Jewish people/Israel as well as to make people aware of antisemitism.

I am now planning to return to Israel in March with television friend, Destiny Yarbrough, to produce another documentary called Bridging the Gap in the Holy Land. This one is about Jewish efforts, both traditional Jew and Messianic, to bridge the gap between Christians and Jews. The exciting news is that we will be interviewing Moshe Avraham Kempinski at Shorashim—where this all started!

What if I had not shifted?

1 Corinthians 1:9 says, “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him—”

But in order to live this abundant life God has for us, we have to be pliable and open to change because there are very exciting plans ahead for those who are willing to shift.

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  1. Lisa, I am blown away by this blog! Just as you always pay attention to “the signs” God places before you, I have done the same. I can never wait for the next one He presents! I am living the most awesome life since I have learned that “living for Him” is the most exciting life I could have never imagined. His signs have taught me many lessons, love, excitement and adventure beyond measure! Every day when I crawl out of bed, I thank Him for all the days before and all the days to come. But I especially thank Him for the 24 hours in front of me to see just what plans He has in store. What a ride!

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