Trust the Voice by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Every time we plan a Level-Up Women’s Conference it is a walk of faith from start to finish. Every year, about eight weeks, out I say the same thing to my husband, “I’m not going to do this next year!” I try not to be stressed about the event, but there are a number of moving parts, and they swirl in my head so much I find myself dizzy at times.

We rely on God to lead us in all aspects of the event. He shows us the Level-Up initiatives. This year we are leveling-up faith, leveling-up our future, and leveling-down our fears. He points out speakers like Dr. Barbie Breathitt, Kim Crabill, Destiny Yarbrough, Taylor L. Cole, Judith Cruz, Starlet Bell. He shows me worship leaders like Renee Rollins and Katherine Legg and puts together our Pearls of Promise team: Aurora, Rosemary, Mayada and myself. He also provides the venue. Our wonderful friends at Northview Baptist Church are hosting us again on October 8th. We appreciate Women’s Ministry Leader, Andrea Gibson, for believing in Pearls of Promise.


However there is one area of the planning that I find the most difficult—drawing women to the conference. It’s always a highly anointed, outstanding event. The people who attend are blessed, but while you can express those facts in marketing, you can’t force people to attend.

I always ask God how many attendee folders and giveaways to buy for the event. Last year, he told me 60, even though we did not have anywhere near 60 signed up. I bought 60 folders and exactly 60 ended up coming.

This year, I asked, “How many folders should I buy?” The Holy Spirit said, “eighty.” Eighty? 

At that time we didn’t even have half that amount registered. However, I’ve learned to trust the voice. I bought 100 folders. They came 25 in a pack. I was tempted to purchase 75, but God said 80, so I purchased the extra folders and had 20 left over. I bought 80 giveaways and told speakers to send me 80 marketing cards for the folders. People ask me how many are attending and I say, “I expect 80.” When asked that question weeks ago, it did not look like anywhere near 80.

However, God is blessing this faith walk and my obedience to trust His voice. As of today, we are at about 70 women registered, and there are many who are promising to sign up. I am confident 80 women will attend Level-Up this year, and who knows, maybe God will bring us a few more.

We have to trust the voice.

Mark 4:24 says, “Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.” Mark is saying when we feel like we are hearing the voice of God, we need to act on what we heard even if it seems like an impossibility at the time. God has a better vantage point than we do and can see what’s coming. Isn’t it nice to have Him in the lead?


How would you like to be a part of our 80? It’s not too late to register for the Level-Up Women’s Conference on October 8th at Northview Baptist Church. Just copy and paste the Eventbrite URL below into your browser. We are still offering $10 off our ticket, “LevelUp10″making the cost only $39, which includes lunch!

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