Why This Week is Special to Me by Dr. Lynnette Simm

I’m writing this on Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week, which leads to Good Friday, and then to the day we love to celebrate, Easter. This week holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. 

Beginning with Palm Sunday, the day that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, arrived in Jerusalem on none other than a donkey. The symbolism of Jesus riding in on a donkey represented the humble arrival of someone in peace. Upon His arrival it was said that people came to “lavish praise as the townspeople threw clothes, or possibly palms or small branches, in front of him as a sign of homage. This was a customary practice for people of great respect.”

Jesus was from humble beginnings. Most of us come from humble beginnings and yet we are called to become more than we think we can be by our Father. Jesus, too, was called to do more. Born to a virgin, into a family of carpenters, and yet His Father is God. In today’s world we would say, Jesus was from a blended family. He loved both of his Fathers; however, He knew He was to follow the path His Heavenly Father had planned for Him. 

I, too, have more than one father. To be honest, I have four amazing father figures who have helped shape me into the woman I am today. My biological father, Ernie, helped bring me into this world, and loves me. My Dad, Bob, raised me, taught me, and yes, hurt me but protected me too. My father-in-law, Steve, helped me get over myself, and after some persuasion (wink), welcomed me into the Simm family.

But the one father that changed my life the most was my husband, Madison. To witness his fearsome protection for our girls (and me) has been like seeing Jesus’s protection on earth. Experiencing Madison’s unconditional love for our girls, me, and our family and friends is like witnessing Jesus’s unconditional love. Jesus’s love for us was, is, and will forever be unconditional and undeserved. That’s one reason why Easter is both a hard time and a blessing for those who love HIM. 

There is another reason Easter has always been a special time for me. It was Easter time, fourteen years ago, when a little girl, my daughter MacKenzie, was moved in her heart to ask that we go to church. Somehow, Jesus came through this little girl and changed our family. From that day forward, I was able to see that these four earthly fathers were merely small representations of my Heavenly Father. Each man bringing to this humble girl His incredible wisdom, patience, forgiveness, grace, and love. 

Finally, this week will forever be special to me because a year ago today, we lost our beloved Steve to cancer, and with him so much humor and love. I can’t thank Jesus enough for loving me so much that He brought Steve into my life. I pray that Steve is with Jesus. 

On this Easter week, let us all remember from whom we came, our Lord and Savior. From humble beginnings, God shows His desire for us and His willingness to do whatever it takes to bring us to Him. Through those whom we call fathers on this earth, to little girls with Jesus in their hearts, to friends who witness to us, Jesus will never forsake you. He sacrificed himself, died, and rose from the grave for You, just as He did for me. Blessings to you all. 


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