Specific Prayers for Specific Answers by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it  and it will be yours.

(Mark 11:24)

Do you want to know what direction to proceed? Ask a specific prayer.

Do you need an answer about a job? Pray specifically.

Contemplating a move? Pinpoint the city and lay it at God’s feet.

I have seen specific answers to specific prayers over the past couple of weeks. Last week, I traveled to San Antonio to share my testimony at a luncheon. While I was paid a small honorarium and sold nine books, my husband and I still came out of pocket because of hotel, meal and travel expenses. I want to be a good steward so prayed specifically prior to the event: Lord, If I am supposed to continue to speak at these types of luncheons, I pray for one salvation as a result of hearing my testimony. That alone would be worth the money we were about to expend.

After I spoke at the luncheon, there was fruit. My testimony about forgiving my mother prompted a woman to forgive her mother. Another woman, who had an Orthodox Jewish father, bought my apologetics book, The Root that Never Died, so she could share it with her Jewish relatives at Thanksgiving. After the luncheon, the ladies filled out comment cards and as I went through the cards with the luncheon leader, there it was. One woman said she accepted Christ as Lord and Savior! It was my answer to continue speaking at these luncheons—a specific answer to a specific prayer.

I have also been praying specifically about one of my volunteer leadership jobs. While I love those I serve, it takes a lot of time and with a growing ministry and school commitments, there is not much downtime for rest and exercise. For a while, I’ve been asking God what to do about this commitment and He has been silent. That generally means to stay put. But this week a pastor prophesied over me and told me to get ready because our television ministry was going to grow. Right after that word, I had a vivid dream saying that I would lose favor if I remained in the leadership position,. God was now speaking, so out of obedience, I stepped down. It was another specific answer to a specific prayer.

Do you need some answers? Take them to the altar. Be specific. It might not be in your timing but God will be faithful to answer.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

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