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Overnight Delivery

It was December 30th and I wanted some pretty dessert bowls for a small New Year’s Eve dinner I was hosting. I checked out a couple of local stores, didn’t find what I was looking for, then searched on line, never dreaming anything  could be delivered in time for the party. Then I saw them—beautiful crystal cut bowls like I was imagining—and at a great price. To top it off, they could be delivered to my house on New Year’s Eve, in time for the event! What I did not pay attention to was how many ounces the bowls held.

The 2 oz. bowls arrived, and even though they were beautiful, they would not be able to hold more than two spoonfuls of dessert (maybe that is a good thing) and were not practical. Images may appear larger than they actually are.

However, I was still amazed at how fast they were delivered.

God can also provide overnight delivery.

If we put our trust in Him, he can deliver us from addictions, fears, and haunting thoughts. I know because I’ve heard many testimonies from people who had struggled for years, yet immediately turned away from alcohol or drugs through the power of Christ. I personally have been delivered from numerous insecurities that developed in my childhood. He can deliver us from those who oppress us, or difficult situations. Most importantly, because of the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, he delivers us from eternal death, so we can be shipped to eternity with God one day. Now that’s a special delivery!

Psalm 18:2 says, “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

As you begin 2019, what part of your life do you need to release to the Lord for deliverance?

You may be a “seasoned” Christian but still struggle in an area. Are you tired of the battle? Do you long for deliverance? Lay it at God’s feet. He can deliver freedom overnight.


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