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God, Are you Sure? By Starlet Bell

Today’s guest blogger is Starlet Bell. Starlet is a Stonecroft speaker with the goal of leading dysfunctional, broken women into salvation. She is the creator of Shining Stars Coaching where she serves as a Professional Leadership Coach who coaches pastors and churches both locally and internationally. Lately, she has branched out into grief coaching where she works primarily with clients and caregivers who have lost individuals they love. Starlet is actively involved in Bible studies, speaking and Women’s Ministry. She loves children and has served happily as an educator for thirty years, and twelve years as a principal. Her students nicknamed her the “Praying Principal.”  Starlet has authored two articles for major educational magazines in Texas. Starlet and her husband have five children and fourteen grandchildren.  E-mail:  starletbell@suddenlink.net

How does God speak to you? God has a variety of ways that He connects with His people. Each person might not hear God in the same way or context. Some ways He speaks to you through your heart or mind are verbally, through scriptures, prophets, miracles, nature, through dreams or visions or through the world around us. No matter what, God deeply wants you to hear Him, and He will do almost anything necessary to speak to His people. However, if you do not listen, then you won’t hear what He is saying, and could miss out on something that hugely impacts your life.

Have you ever had a time when God spoke to you and asked you to do something for Him—not just anything, but something you feel is almost impossible to accomplish? You know, something that maybe makes you anxious and fearful? You are now experiencing that time in your life when he is challenging you to be obedient.

Many things He will ask you to do will make you feel uncomfortable and even stretch you; however, you must remember that He will always be with you when you feel like you have more than you can handle. He will not abandon you as you accomplish them, but he will be by your side through each accomplishment. Not only will He be by you, but He will give you his supernatural help through additional knowledge that you might not have known to help you flourish.

God has asked me to do quite a few “almost impossible” things in my lifetime. I am sharing one that happened while sitting in church with my friend. God began to speak to me in my heart and mind. He was letting me know that a university president in our town needed prayer as quickly as possible. I didn’t panic, but I quietly told my friend that someone needed prayer. She didn’t ask a word but followed me to my car. When we got into the car, I asked God for deeper understanding. I understood Him to say that the president needed healing and protection. I didn’t know where I would find him, but God knew that I had been a student there and he directed me to exactly where his office was located. 

When I arrived at the outside door of his office, I placed my hands on it and I asked for supernatural help. As I prayed, I praised and worshipped my Father because of His sovereignty. My hands became hot. I began to feel a part of what the president was feeling, and I knew he was extremely hurt and in pain. It was at that point that I remembered that there had been a tragic accident on the campus earlier that year and that the president and staff had been involved in lawsuits. Three days after the prayer, the president resigned. Again, we never know how important our prayers can be. Upon reflection, I was most thankful to my friend who supported me and my Father who guided me.

To help you do the impossible when called upon, here are the steps to follow:

  1.  Don’t panic or be afraid (move in against fear).
  2.  Don’t procrastinate.
  3.  PRAY for understanding.
  4.  EXPECT God to give you supernatural help—ask Him!
  5.  WORSHIP God —focus on the sovereign God.
  6.  PRAISE God—for his name, for what he does, and because He is God.
  7.  After coming to the solution, use what God shows you to save others.
  8.  Give credit to people that helped you—most importantly God.

Another reason I wrote you was to see if you would stand the test and be obedient in everything” (2 Corinthians 2:9).

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