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Calmly We Hope by Dr. Lynnette Simm

My family and I have been doing all we can to stay focused on work and school, but it is hard to not notice the news and the changing shelter-in-place timeline. My husband keeps us informed with the latest updates, my daughters share cute clips to make us all smile, and I try to share the some joy and positivity. Staying calm in the middle of all this uncertainty can be a daunting task, but a truly important one. 

Currently, I’m binge watching a PBS program called Downton Abby. Yes, I know it was all the rage a few years back, but like most of us, I was just too busy to engage. Now, with ample time on my hands I have loved diving into the saga of Lord Grantham and his family during World War 1. While so many we called to war in service to the King of England, many were left to help those who were wounded and left behind. Family bonds were strengthened and friendship formed as they all worked together. The job of Lord Grantham was to provide positive energy and respite for the returning soldiers. 

That’s all some of us can do at this time. Remind our family and friends of our blessings and share our gratitude for all we have. Of course there are an abundance of opportunities to volunteer from our home and if funds can be spared, shared with those who have less. Yet, sometimes all we have is a heart filled with love and calming arms to hug those in our homes with us or an ear to listen to those who are at their wits end in their homes.

Laughter is in short supply, but research shows that just twenty minutes of laughter can change the chemistry of our minds and help with depression or anxiety, so laugh! The internet is filled with humor and things to cheer up just about anyone. Pets with attitude, quotes of positivity, or just hearing babies laugh. 

Remember during this time of war, even with this invisible enemy, we NEED those who have the heart to share their resources, skills, or talents which includes calmness, hope and joy. 

We at Pearls of Promise Ministries want you to know we love you. During this time of isolation, we pray for you to have the peace that passes understanding in our Lord, Jesus Christ, because staying connected to Jesus can calm you in the midst of the storm.

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