The Eight Most Profound Truths We've Learned by Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley (Part 2) - Pearls of Promise

The Eight Most Profound Truths We’ve Learned by Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley (Part 2)

When I was in my mid-thirties, I was having a horrible time with friendships. I gave all I had, but I still couldn’t seem to avoid getting hurt.

Then I met Moina. With her warm heart and Oklahoma accent, she swooped me up and explained to me that we’d be friends for life. I tried to explain my doomed friendship history. You see, when it comes to friends, I haven’t had the easiest time. But over chai and a bagel, Moina explained that I didn’t have a friend problem but a perspective problem. “Let me tell you, beautiful (she always uses terms of endearment), we all have friends for a reason, season, or life. It’s up to us to determine which type of friend the person is. Now you, gorgeous (she winked at me), are my friend for life.” I was dumbfounded by her simple but insightful revelation.  

As I began to ponder Moina’s words of wisdom, I realized that I have had some beautiful friendships that developed from school and work; however, our friendships faded once our reason to gather was gone. I still have some very close friends; but as with the seasons, we have all moved to different states and seasons in our lives. Some friendships just faded, others exploded, but some have stood the test of time. Those few whom I love to call “Lifers” are truly treasured friends.

Sadly, I lost a beloved Lifer to cancer, but as I look back on Moina’s wisdom, I realized we were and still are “forever” friends. 

I am now in a time in my life where yet again, friendships are fading as life changes are pulling me into a new season. I am sad that there are friends whom have slowly left my life, but I try to thank the Lord for them while they were in my life. Through the years I have said good bye to many amazing friends; however, I am forever grateful by the gifts their friendship gave me. The lessons I’ve learned and the memories I have are truly immeasurable. 

So, do you have friends who are in your life for a reason or a season? Who are our “Lifers?” Take a moment to take stalk in who you have in your life and why. You may need to release someone as their reason or season is over, or you may need to elevate someone to “Lifer” status. You are blessed and you are a blessing! (DLS)

A friend loves at all times… (Proverbs 17:17).

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  • Beverly

    Lynette, you are so eloquent! You’re so spot on about friends. I have had, and still have, many friends in my long life. Different seasons call for different friends. God sends us who we need. He sees what we’re going through and picks just the right person to plug into our situation. He sent me you when I came to Prosper. I love that we are from different generations, but still have so much in common…first, being our love for the Lord and each other. I am privileged to call you FRIEND.

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